Jan Hage Hauptwerk in the Dom of Utrecht
Het ORGEL 115 (2019), nr. 2, 9-11 [summary]

From the end of January till the beginning of March, 2018, the B├Ątz organ of the Domkerk in Utrecht could not be used because the vault above the organ was being replastered. The necessity was used for an experiment: how would a digital organ, in this case Hauptwerk, function in the musical practice of a large church like the Domkerk? The digital instrument was used during the main services and the offices. In addition there was a ***relatieconcert***, and it was used once during an organ concert in the Saturday afternoon series. It was also used several times for solos and accompaniments in other concerts, including those of the Domcantorij.
The experiment brought forth hefty discussions in social media. Criticism was concentrated on the fact that a digital imitation of an organ was unsatisfactory and technically impossible, and that the sound is in fact a falsification. Perhaps even more important was that this experiment could open the door to the use of Hauptwerk in churches, as a cheap alternative for a true pipe organ.
Dom organist Jan Hage gives an evaluation of the experiment.

Photos: Tim Vroom