Jan Smelik “Don’t start with yourself, start with the organ and the beauty of its sound.” Interview with Peter van Dijk
Het ORGEL 113 (2017), nr. 4, 20-27 [summary]

2017 is for several reasons a special year for organist and organ consultant Peter van Dijk. He will be 65 years old; it was 40 years ago that he finished his studies; and in August the baroque organ in TivoliVredenburg, for which he was the consultant, will be inaugurated. In the interview we spoke at length about the responsibilities, the value, and the education of organ consultants. The conversation also touched on current restoration policies and the problems that are encountered. The question is discussed whether, and if so to what degree, organs should be adapted to the present day. Is it desirable for present-day church music practice to tune a restored organ in mean-tone if that was the original tuning? We also spoke about the new baroque organ in Tivoli/Vredenburg: why was the choice made for this type of organ in a concert hall?

Peter van Dijk Photo: Jan Smelik