Jan Smelik ‘A professional should be able to say what’s good and what isn’t”. Interview with Jan R. Luth
Het ORGEL 112 (2016), nr. 6, 36-41 [summary]

Jan R. Luth retired on 10 November, 2016, from his position as professor [universitair docent] at the University of Groningen. He had succeeded Jan Wit in June 1980 as hymnologist of the Institute for Liturgical Studies. This institute, founded in 1963 by professors A.F.N. Lekkerkerker and W.F. Dankbaar, is part of the Faculty of Religion of the University.
His retirement is a suitable occasion to interview him for this journal, of which he has been an editor since 1998. A chat about his youth and education, about organ culture, hymns, and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Jan Luth Photo: Jan Smelik