Ibo Ortgies News about Schnitger. References, discoveries, hypotheses, and attributions. Part 1
Het ORGEL 112 (2016), nr. 1, 3-11 [summary]

This article presents studies of material on organs of Arp Schnitger which are not currently at the center of attention, or which can now be attributed provisionally to Schnitger. The author discusses the opus lists of Siwert Meijer, Edouard G. J. Gregoir, Paul Rubardt, Uwe Pape, and Gustav Fock. He also treats a forgotten source of information on the tuning that Schnitger used in his organs. A further item is Meijer’s mention of a house organ for ‘a cantor’ in Groningen. In conclusion several new (possible) attributions to Schnitger are presented.

The workshop of Schnitger in Neuenfelde

Schnitger coats of arms in the church of Neuenfelde Photo Reinhardt Menger