Henk de Vries International Symposium ‘Electrifying Baroque’ - The baroque organ project of the Orgelpark in Amsterdam
Het ORGEL 110 (2014), nr. 6, 26-29 [summary]

The Orgelpark is one of the few places in The Netherlands where initiatives are developed in all styles of organ building and organ music. An observed lack was the presence of a typical baroque organ. The Orgelpark wants to change this situation, and last June organized an international symposium to discuss the concept of a new baroque organ. The work of Zacharias Hildebrandt (1688-1757) has been chosen as a point of departure - an organ maker whom Bach knew personally and whose work he approved. The goal will not be to realize a Hildebrandt copy in the Orgelpark. The idea is to build a ‘historically informed’ organ that sounds (!) like an organ that Hildebrandt might have built in the hall of the Orgelpark.
During this 3-day symposium lectures were given by nationally and internationally renowned speakers. An important part of the symposium was a listening test in which it was to be made clear whether differences are observed between various kinds of channels.