Kees Weggelaar Double portrait: Christiaan Richter & David de Jong
Het ORGEL 110 (2014), nr. 3, 24-33 [summary]

Christiaan Richter is a young and promising composer. David de Jong is not only a preacher but has also developed himself into an excellent musician and composer, coached by the organist-composer Johan Koers. The similarities between these two very different musicians: composition and organ. In this article a short biographical sketch of the two composers is given, followed by a short discussion of their musical backgrounds. There follows a description of their respective Ĺ“uvres, and the article concludes with a discussion of their organ works.

You can listen to the compositions of Christiaan Richter on his YouTube-account:

You can listen to the compositions of David de Jong on his YouTube-account

Christiaan Richter Photo Deen van Meer

David de Jong Photo Dick Vos