Albert Clement The art of Buxtehude’s organ chorales. Part 1
Het ORGEL 109 (2013), nr. 2, 36-43 [summary]

Although the Buxtehude-year was celebrated exuberantly in 2007 and the results of the commemoration have been published in print and on cd, the art of Buxtehude’s organ chorales remains largely unstudied. In a two-part article the author examines the topic. It is generally agreed that Dieterich Buxtehude devoted much attention to the expression of texts in his music. But there has been hitherto remarkably little attention to the expression of the text in the chorale-based organ works of Buxtehude. In the first part of his article the author shows, - partly with reference to Buxtehude’s vocal works - that the famous North-German composer set the text in his organ chorales as well.