Cees van der Poel Dutch organs in Rosenheim and Wilten
Het ORGEL 108 (2012), nr. 2, 20-29 [summary]

In this article the author gives a description and impression of three instruments that Dutch organ builders have made in recent years in other countries. The builder Reil of Heerde made a 3-manual instrument in the St.-Nikolauskerk in Rosenheim, and in the Stiftskerk in Wilten a choir organ with two manuals and pedal. Since 2008 the latter church also has a large organ made by Verschueren of Heythuysen.

Photos Rosenheim by Cees van der Poel


Wilten Reil-organ (Photo: Reil organbuilders)

Wilten Verschueren-organ

Photo: Egon Wurm

Photo: Fotostudio Stanger