Lex Gunnink ‘En luister o hoe ongehoord…’ [‘And hear oh how unheard…’] The fourth annual Hinsz Compositieconcours for organ in the Bovenkerk in Kampen
Het ORGEL 107 (2011), nr. 4,30-35 [summary]

The fourth annual Hinsz organ composition competition was different from previous competitions in various ways. The organizing Stichting (foundation) Hinszconcours Bovenkerk Kampen had this time brought the competition emphatically to the attention of (composition students at) several conservatories. Where in previous years the works were generally performed by the organists/composers themselves, this time the composers had asked organists to perform their works. The motto of this competition was ‘Order of the canon; art of flight’.
The jury members were pianist Ralph van Raat, composer Andries van Rossem, and as chairman the newly appointed organist of the Domkerk in Utrecht, Jan Hage. The jury awarded a shared first prize to Henk Vermeulen and Maximilian Schnauβ, composers of resp. ‘DROEG-GEORD(end)’ and ‘Fugue (psychogenic)’. The public’s prize was won by Henk Vermeulen.