Maxim Serebrennikov An organ work by Kirchhoff discovered. Gottfried Kirchhoff’s 325th birthday
Het ORGEL 106 (2010), nr. 6, 4-11 [summary]

Besides the big names like Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Frideric Handel there were many other composers and organists who contributed to German baroque musical culture. One of them was Gottfried Kirchhoff (1685-1746). From 1714 until his death he was Music director and organist of the Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen in Halle (Saale). Although he probably must have composed a rather extensive oeuvre, there are only about ten compositions by him known. Recent discoveries include compositions that have long been attributed to other composers. An example is the Preludium and Fuga in c minor from the Mylauer Tabulatuurboek (ca. 1725). This composition has since the discovery of the book in 1910 been ascribed to Johann Pachelbel. The fugue subject however is quoted in Abhandlung von der Fuge by Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg (1718–1795), where it is ascribed to Kirchhoff. That Kirchhoff is indeed the composer of this work is supported by the fact that the subject is used in L’A.B.C. Musical (ca. 1734) by Kirchhoff. Moreover, analysis of the stylistic qualities of the composition provides independent arguments for an attribution to Kirchhoff.

At this link you can download a realization of the original notation, in which the original texture of both works has where possible been filled out to four voices.