Peter Ouwerkerk The invisible organist. The Sweelinck-Muller award, 7 November, 2009
Het ORGEL 106 (2010), nr. 1, 37-41 [summary]

The most important cause of the impopularity of the organ is the invisibility of the organist; during organ concerts there is no contact between player and public. The absent visual aspect of organ culture was to be a major element during the awarding of the Sweelinck-Mullerprijs on 7 November, 2009 in the Orgelpark in Amsterdam. In previous years this prize was awarded for an œuvre; this year it was intended as encouragement for young, talented organists, who were invited to submit an innovative project. Three of the five entrants, Jacob Lekkerkerker, Kirstin Gramlich, and Chiel-Jan van Hofwegen, presented their projects on 7 November. The project of the winner, Jacob Lekkerkerker, was the most innovative, also in the sense that of the three finalists Lekkerkerker gave the most attention to visual and physical aspects.

Photos Peter Ouwerkerk

Jacob Lekkerkerker

Chiel-Jan van Hofwegen

Kirstin Gramlich