Sietze de Vries Recent new organs. Part 1: The Van Vulpen organ for the Dutch Reformed Congregation (Gereformeerde Gemeente) in Gouda & the Škrabl organ in the Westerkerk in Veenendaal
Het ORGEL 104 (2009), nr. 6, 22-32 [summary]

In the building of the Reformed Congregation in Gouda, which was inaugurated in 2008, Gebr. van Vulpen of Utrecht placed a 2-manual organ with 30 registers. The consultant was Henk Kooiker. The case was designed by Wim S. Ros, a brother of the architect of the building. The organ is easily recognizable as a Van Vulpen, in which considerable freedom has been taken with regard to the voicing.
The Slovenian organ maker Škrabl built a new 2-manual organ for the Westerkerk in Veenendaal. It is the first instrument by this builder in a Dutch church. It has 24 registers, including 5 hoofdwerk registers functioning on the pedal as transmissions. The instrument will function adequately in the accompaniment of congregational singing, but from an artistic point of view the organ adds nothing to the Dutch organ landscape.

Veenendaal Photos Jan Smelik

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