Auke H. Vlagsma Organs in the Baptist Church in Steenwijk
Het ORGEL 104 (2009), nr. 4, 22-28 [summary]


In the Baptist Church in Steenwijk there is a small 18th-century organ façade, of which the interior has ended up in an organ in the Reformed Church in Winsum (Friesland). The organ probably stood originally in the former church ‘De Lelie’ in Amsterdam.
Despite a search of the archives and a study of the pipework, it has not been possible to determine the name of the builder. It was long thought that Frans Caspar Schnitger was the builder, but the inscriptions on the pipes are certainly not his. From the extant pipework, however, it does appear that the organ maker was trained in the school of Arp Schnitger.
Bakker & Timmenga placed a new organ behind the old façade in the Baptist Church in Steenwijk in 1895-6.