Rogér van Dijk The Buchholz organ in St.-Nikolai in Stralsund
Het ORGEL 104 (2008), nr. 2, 4-17 [summary]

In the oldest and richest church of Stralsund, St.-Nikolai, there was already a large organ in 1368.  Around 1600 Nicolaus Maaß built a new organ, that deteriorated badly in the course of the 18th  century.  In 1829 Carl August Buchholz (1796-1884) of Berlin made a proposal for the building of a new 3-manual instrument, which was finished in 1841.  The instrument was altered during the 19th and 20th centuries;  in 1933-1934 it was extensively renewed.  During WW2 it was badly damaged.  It was rebuilt with important alterations.  In the 90s it was decided to restore the organ to the situation of 1841.  The work began in 2003 and was completed in the fall of 2006.

Stralsund, Nikolaikirche Photo: Jan Smelik

Stralsund, Nikolaikirche, Buchholz-orgel in 2008 Photo: Jan Smelik

Stralsund, Nikolaikirche, Buchholz-orgel 1955-2003 Photo: Volkmar Herre

Kronstadt (Brasow), Schwarze Kirche Buchholz-orgel Photo: Orgelbauwerkstatt Wegschneider

Barth, St. Marien Buchholz orgel Photo: Bernd Rickelt