Rogér van Dijk en Cees van der Poel Two Smits organs: history and restoration
Het ORGEL 104 (2008), nr. 1, xx-xx [summary]

Frans Smits I built an organ with three manuals in 1842 for the St.-Petruskerk in Boxtel.  The originally planned independent pedal was made only in 1955.  The instrument is well preserved and was restored in 2006.
The same builder made part of an organ with three manuals and independent pedal for St.-Willibrordus-binnen-de-Veste (De Duif) in Amsterdam.  His son Frans II finished the instrument in 1882.  In 1941/42 alterations were made to the organ, which were reversed during the last restoration in 2006.

Photos: Jan Smelik