Ton van Eck & Victor Timmer Two opus lists of the organ building firm Dekker
Het ORGEL 100 (2005), nr. 3, xx-xx [summary]

The organ factory of Dekker in GoesIn 1892, Anton Samuel Jan Dekker (1869-1918) started a little repair shop at Goes; he bought and sold organs as well. In 1906, Dekker started building organs himself. After 1918, he was succeeded by his sons Jacobus Cornelis (1900-1969) and Jan Adriaan (1902-1991). Whereas the organ building division of the firm had flourished before the war, these two increasingly focused on other products, such as equipment for gymnastics; after the Second World War, they let the organ building division ‘pass away’ silently. The archives of this division have been almost completely lost. Among the remnants, two rather complete opus lists are preserved; they are published here. They focus on the activities of Dekker’s firm after 1906.