Victor Timmer Catholic organs in Groningen and Drenthe (the northern Netherlands) around 1850 (part II)
Het ORGEL 98 (2002), nr. 2, 32-37 [summary]

The van Oeckelen-organ in a new case in Groningen ParklaankerkThe Catholic Church manifested itself ever more strongly after the restoration of the episcopal hierarchy in 1853. This article gives a survey of the Catholic organs in the northern provinces of The Netherlands (Groningen and Drenthe) around 1854. Only a few of these organs have survived. Large new churches, changing liturgical demands, and a change of musical taste required different organs.

This is part 2 of the article. The organ that is studied in this part is the Van Oeckelen organ at Groningen (St.-Martinus, organ built in 1841, moved to the Parklaankerk in 1925, dismantled in 1986 and now sold to Tholen, Gereformeerde Gemeente.