Kees Huges Matthijs Koene: ‘We owe respect to the panpipe !’
Het ORGEL 97 (2001), nr. 5, 42-44 [summary]

Matthijs Koene is the last panpipe student at a Dutch conservatory. The Amsterdam Conservatory has decided to close the panpipe course: the repertory is judged insufficient and there is only slight interest in the instrument.

Koene focuses on contemporary music. His coach at the conservatory, Daan Manneke, has advised him to ask composers to write music for him. Some of the new works, written for organ and panpipes, recently had their premieres. Furthermore, Koene has ordered compositions for guitar and panpipes (he forms a duo with guitarist Stefan Gerritsen), as well as for panpipes and electronic instruments and for his ensemble with panpipes, cello, guitar and precussion.

Koene sometimes works with organist Sander van Marion. Together they make easy-listening music for religious audiences.

Koene hopes that he will succeed in generating serious interest in panpipe music.