Hans Fidom Casting organ metal on sand
Het ORGEL 97 (2001), nr. 3, 31-33 [summary]

pijp8.jpg (16116 bytes)In this article the process of casting sheets of organ metal on sand is illustrated by a series of photographs. In the Netherlands, two organ builders are intensively occupied by this reconstruction of a traditional aspect of the organ building craft: Winold van der Putten and Henk van Eeken. They are members of the international ‘Weener Gruppe’, a group of organ builders who exchange and discuss information. Both Van der Putten and Van Eeken put casting on sand into perspective. ‘It is my aim to come as close to an exemplary organ builder of the past as possible,’ says Van der Putten. Van Eeken points to the relative significance of measurements with regard to the composition of metal. Consequently, casting on sand remains a field of on-going research.