Kees Huges Herman van Vliet’s credo
Het ORGEL 97 (2001), nr. 3, 41-43 [summary]

hermanvanvliet.jpg (20307 bytes)Organist Herman van Vliet celebrated his 40th year as organist on 1 April 2001. He was a pupil of Stoffel van Viegen, Cor Kee and Feike Asma. He attended master classes of Jean Guillou. Van Vliet was organist at Bodegraven, Woerden and Oudewater. In 1990 he was appointed organist of the St.-Joriskerk at Amersfoort.

Herman van Vliet warns us not to go too far in our admiration of Jan Zwart (the legendary teacher of Kee and Asma): ‘Of course Zwart’s music had its negative aspects. Imitating Zwart’s musing as in ‘Scheepje onder Jezus hoede’ implies going astray.’ Total rejection of Zwart and Asma is also, according to Van Vliet, an undesirable extreme. ‘They did more than just playing and improvising chorale preludes – and even that can be done in an artistically proper way.’

When studying a composition, Van Vliet studies musicological sources, but he still develops his own interpretation: ‘In the end my feeling determines the eventual form.’