Christa Hijink The Göteborg International Organ Academy 2000
Het ORGEL 96 (2000), nr. 6, 5-13 [summary]

Organ Örgryte Nya Kyrka in GöteborgOn 4-18 August, the Göteborg International Organ Academy took place: 36 lectures, 14 panel discussions, 53 workshops, many concerts and 1 great inauguration – that of the new organ in the Örgryte Nya Kyrka, built in 17th-century North-German style.

Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra discussed baroque dancing and music in a workshop in which the students had to dance themselves in order to understand movement in music. David S. Knight presented in a panel discussion his database of 15.000 organ recordings, meant to explore the history of 20th century organ history. Other interesting discussions focused on ergonomics and organ playing and on Bach in 19th-century France.

The building of the Örgryte organ was a project in which organ builders, musicologists and engineers worked together in an international organ laboratory. Hans Davidsson, the leader of the Göteborg Organ Art Center, said that the organ was not a copy nor a reconstruction, but an approximation. The bases of this approximation are the Schnitger organs in Hamburg (St.-Jakobi) and Lübeck (Dom). Special attention was paid to the pipe material and the wind system. Eventually, all material was cast on sand, and the organ was built with three different basic options for winding.

Among the concerts, in particular the concert at the Dom was impressive: during Ligeti’s Volumina, Hans Davidsson danced a commentary. At the inauguration of the new organ there was dance as well.

A book documenting the organ building project is in preparation at the moment.