Peter van Dijk Organ culture in Stralsund and Tallinn
Het ORGEL 96 (2000), nr. 2, 25-29 [summary]

Kindten-organ in Gingst St. JakobiIn Stralsund (Germany), the famous organ in the Marienkirche draws our attention. It was built in 1659 by Friedrich Stellwagen. It's not in original condition, but sounds good since the restoration in the 1950s, which was carried out by Alexander Schuke, who reconstructed the original specification. Important as well are the Christian Kindten organ at Gingst (1790, restored by Eule in 1957) and the Nerlich & Haase organ at Patzig on the island Rügen (1846). Friedrich Mehmel was the most important organ builder at Stralsund in the 19th century. Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) does not posess any organs built before 1800. Interesting are the Ladegast organ from 1878 at the Dom, renewed in 1913 by Sauer, and the Walcker organ from 1923 in the Karlskirche. The work of Estonian organ builders like Stein, Kessler, Tanton, Normann and Mülverstedt shows German influences. Around 1900, two major organ builders started in Estonia: Terkmann (Tallinn) and Kriisa (Haanja, now at Rakvere). Organ culture in Stralsund and Tallinn has become very lively in the past years. That is the result of the enthusiasm and work of respectively Martin Rost and Andres Uibo.