Jaap Brouwer The Hill organ in the Pieterskerk at Leiden
Het ORGEL 96 (2000), nr. 6, 28-33 [summary]
leidenkoor.jpg (32193 bytes) The choir organ in the Pieterskerk at Leiden was built in 1883 by Thomas Hill, for St.-John the Evangelist at London (opus 1857). The organ had been preserved in its original state. When it was unexpectedly discovered that the church was in danger of collapse, organ builder Sicco Steendam dismantled the organ and stored it in his workshop at Roodeschool. Eventually, the instrument was restored and placed in the Pieterskerk; this required only minor adjustments and additions. Because of the historic temperament of the Van Hagerbeer organ in the Pieterskerk, the church needed a second organ, in equal temperament.