Ben Mensing 'Organ builder Hendrik Haffmans'
het ORGEL 95 (1999), nr. 1, 29-31 [summary]

On 14 June 1856 an advertisement was published in the Kerkelijke Courant, in which organ builder Hendrik Haffmans announced that he had established the firm J.D. Nolting & Son at Doe-tinchem. It was generally assumed that Haffmans was Nolting's stepson. An article in the magazine Old Nijs, published anony-mously in 1985, showed that this was not correct: the real stepson was Andreas Dietrich Holland. Haffmans joined the firm in the early 1830s. Holland, at the time director of the firm, accepted a project at Doetinchem in the i85os and had Haff-mans execute it Apparently Holland was so satisfied with the results, that he let Haffmans use the name of the firm Nolting after that time.