Jan Jongepier Over Five ages organ history in the Martinikerk at Franeker
het ORGEL 95 (1999), nr. 6, 20-26 [summary]

The Martinikerk at Franeker had an organ as early as 1478. In 1528 Jan van Kovelens replaced it by a new instrument. In 1719 Jan Harmens Kamp began the building of a new organ which was completed in 1722 by Johannes Radeker, one of the pupils of Arp Schnitger. In 1838, Lambertus van Dam started a new organ with Hoofdwerk (Great), Bovenwerk (Positive) and Pedaal. Financial means were limited, so Van Dam had to use many of the pipes of the former Kamp/Radeker organ, and the Bovenwerk remained quite small: only 5 1/2 stops. Organist S.A. Hempenius from Zwolle was consultant.

franeker.jpg (34323 bytes)

The organ after the recent restauration. Photo: Bakker en Timmenga

The organ was inaugurated on 9 November 1842. The organ was changed in 1915 by P. van Dam. He replaced the Quint 3 on the Hoofdwerk by an Aeoline 8, and the Fagot 16 by a Violoncello 8. The Bovenwerk got a new Viola di Gamba 8. Organist Dick Kreger, who was appointed in 1938, had the organ changed according to his neobaroque points-of-view. The Violoncello was replaced by a Holfluit 4, the Aeoline by the Nasard of the Bovenwerk, where a Scherp was added. The compositions of the Mixtuur and the Cornet were changed. In 1996 the organ was restored to its original state by Orgelmakerij Bakker & Timmenga. Jan Jongepier was consultant; the organist of the Martinikerk, Theo Jellema, was very much involved with the restoration as well. The characteristics of the organ are its full and colourful tutti, and the sweet ‘Biedermeier’ quality of the individual stops.