Klaas Hoek 'Recently published new organ music'
het ORGEL 95 (1999), nr. 2, 6-12 [summary]

Over the last few years the editorial board of het ORGEL received approximately 50 new organ compositions. A large range of styles can be recognised:

At least two problems are represented by this collection. Piet Kee's Network was the result of the wish of the commissioner to strive for a better integration of the organ into musical life in general. This goal has a negative aspect as well: 'splendid isolation' has not done the organ that much harm either. Another problem is illustrated by the music of Dick Klomp: how far should one go when making style copies? Many compositions are not convincing, because they add nothing substantial to the style they are written in: Bethke's improvisations are not as good as Hindemith's Sonatas, Haselböck's Rappel resembles Manneke's Patronen but is not better, Schuba's harmonisations are not as interesting as Reger's.

On the other hand, many new compositions are quite worthwhile, like the ones written by Bruynèl, Eben, Pärt, Planyavsky, Raxach, Rihm, De Ruiter and Vriend. The works by Bovet, Escaich, Kee, Leitner, Pirenne and Suslin deserve attention as well.