Pieter Dirksen An unknown painting of Sweelinck’s organ
het ORGEL 95 (1999), nr. 3, 32-34 [summary]

A recently rediscovered painting attributable to Emanuel de Witte (ca. 1617-1692) contains a fascinating side-view of the large 1542 Niehoff-organ as Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck had known it. This fact as well as its stylistic traits make it possible to date the painting at ‘ca. 1657’. It forms a pendant to a larger painting by De Witte made from the same standpoint, which is now in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Carter Collection).

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Emanuel de Witte, interior of the Oude Kerk at Amsterdam (ca. 1657)


• Los Angeles County Museum of Art [http://www.lacma.org]