Jan-Piet Knijff

A new choir organ in the Bovenkerk at Kampen / Interview with Henk Stoel and Ab Weegenaar
Het ORGEL 94 (1998), nr. 6, 31-35 [summary]

A new choir organ (PII/29) will be installed in the Bovenkerk at Kampen in 1999. Orgelmakers Gebr. Reil are building the instrument. Jan Jongepier is consultant. Henk Stoel of Kampen has made the project possible by providing the Foundation 'Koororgel Bovenkerk' with the 1,2 million Dutch guilders it costs. The foundation, which will be responsible for the use and the maintenance of the organ after the inauguration, will donate the organ to the Bovenkerk, so the expenses of the organ will be tax-deductible; in fact, the government will pay half of the expenses.

The foundation has appointed the organist of the Bovenkerk, Ab Weegenaar, to the new position of 'Chef de musique'. Weegenaar is responsible now for the several concert series that take place in the Bovenkerk as well as for the incidental concerts. The foundation plans to extend the number of concerts by adding more high-quality concerts.

The new organ will be built in late 17th-century style. Remarkable is the Klaroen that can be played on its own (third) manual (treble only). The inauguration of the organ is expected in May 1999.